Throughout the universe every atom everywhere produces a tone whether we can hear it or not. This is commonly referred to as the music of the spheres. When we as musicians dedicate our lives to a certain daily practice in order to try to produce the purest vibration tones we can often send those tones onto and into others like laser beams. Whether one on one or in groups music can and does cause an uplifting or healing effect. Our vibrations are lifted and we feel better and we are better.”

“I received this great understanding as inspiration in words of guidance and musical encouragement early on from legendary masters whom I have had the honor and privilege to humbly study, learn from, and perform with all along the way. McCoy Tyner’s reply to me when I asked him how could he play with me just having turned 19 years old after being with the incomparable John Coltrane, was “I think you feel the same way about the music that John did.”

I give thanks to and from The Most High.  Azar Lawrence